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Magmaverse.io is a DAO focused on Incubating Web3 solutions inside and outside the Metaverse. We are powered by enthusiast/collaborators that are eager for innovation, cooperation and equity. 

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We are a community of Web 3.0 enthusiasts with the common goal of providing businesses & people new ways to experience life through the use and integration of web3 technologies in their daily activities.

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Together we incubate, accelerate and finance ideas that offer innovative and effective solutions to the current problems and/or needs of society, always focused on collaboration and high performance as our essential factors for growth.

Meet some of the most recent incubations (Atoms) created by our community:

The Metaverse Data Hub

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MAgmARE is making possible personalized research and analytics as a service (RAAS), using the most relevant info about any business's development plans, land acquisition, and WEB3 needs, to find the perfect fit for your investment.

The Metaverse Builders

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MAgmADEVS creates world-class projects that involve terraforming, map-building, space construction, and the development of completely customized experiences for anyone who wants to be part of the metaverse.

The Metaverse Event Producers

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MAgmAEvents helps companies develop virtual events in various formats for the metaverse; Making a bridge between physical activities (concerts, meetings, conferences, and more) and virtual ones, all completely customizable, and in real-time.

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We are building the largest community in America focused on Web3 development, fostering collaboration, project creation and innovation in all corners of the region.

As a community, we are a network of finance professionals, engineers, dreamers, designers, artists, architects, goofballs,  marketers, developers, crypto enthusiasts, and more.

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Explore the best compilation of Web 3.0 news feeds, and updates in the region. Stay tuned with the latest trends, fun new disruptive technologies, and the advances that MAgmAVERSE is propelling in the industry:


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We collaborate and work with some of the best in the world, come join us and explore synergies with all the different atoms of the Magmaverse.io ecosystem

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