Welcome to MAgmAVERSE, your space for Web3 and Metaverse development.

We craft unforgettable experiences through AR, VR, and Blockchain Technologies, to help your brand stand out in the current Digital Age.
We work with the best platforms out there:
We work closely with our clients to bring their vision to life and help them stay ahead in the rapidly-evolving digital landscape.
Virtual Reality

We create immersive, interactive experiences that transport users to entirely new worlds. We use the latest VR technology to craft engaging simulations that can be used for training, education, entertainment, sales expos and more.

Augmented Reality

Our Augmented Reality service brings digital elements into the real world, enhancing the user's experience and providing a new level of engagement. We specialize in developing AR applications for marketing, advertising, increase sales, etc.

Metaverse Development

Our team leverages the latest Web3 and blockchain technology to develop secure and scalable Metaverse applications that enable businesses to tap into new markets and connect with audiences in entirely new ways. 

Smart Contracts (NFTs)

Our Smart Contract Development service specializes in creating custom Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) on blockchain platforms such as Ethereum. We work with businesses to develop unique NFTs that represent digital and physical assets, such as artwork, music, and collectibles.

Holographic Hardware

Our Holographic service creates stunning and lifelike 3D holographic displays that captivate audiences and enhance brand experiences. We use cutting-edge holographic technology to develop custom holographic displays for marketing, advertising, and entertainment purposes.

Metaverse Events

We work with our clients to design and develop custom virtual events such as conferences, trade shows, concerts, and more. Our team creates interactive experiences that allow attendees to engage with speakers, exhibits, artist, and other attendees in unforgettable occasions.

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It doesn't matter where you are! We can create virtual copies of real-time events, allowing attendees to join from all across the globe through Virtual Reality.

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We are a collective of Metaverse developers, working together to deliver innovative solutions that transform the virtual realm.
Angel Ramirez
aka. MAgmA B-Shock
Project Manager
Jose Hernandez
aka. MAgmA Gaio
Business & Sales
Richard Acosta
aka. MAgmA Lo
Chief Designer
Julia Rondón
aka. MAgmA Shiny
Emily Ventura
aka. MAgmA Emi
Design & 3D Modeling
Valeria Lustig
aka. MAgmA Cta
Design & 3D Modeling
María F. Dávila
aka. MAgmA MaF
Legal and Finances
Juan Carlos Reyes
aka. MAgmA Teste
Financial Consultant
Alfredo Garcia
aka. MAgmA Egg
Business Consultant
Joe Izquierdo
MAgmA Soul
Marketing Consulting
Simon Gonzales
aka. MAgmA Bien
Marketing Direction
José Daniel Ruiz
aka. MAgmA Geek
AR Expert
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