Enter our lobby in Spatial and learn more about MAgmAVERSE while living an immersive experience.
Access to Spatial from ANYWHERE at ANY TIME!!

Our metaverse space in Spatial is now available for you to access in a simple way. Just click on the link and create an account (download the app if you are on mobile). You can meet, collaborate, or just relax and explore the MAgmAVERSE's lobby to learn more about us.

It supports access from PC, iOS, Android and Oculus.

MAgmAVERSE's space in the metaverse is a beautiful and immersive environment where everybody can connect with anybody in the world using the most popular operating systems: Windows, macOS, Android, iOS and Oculus Headsets.

There are several different areas to explore!!

Invite friends to join you in the metaverse and explore all we have to offer together...
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